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Royal College of Physicians: From Holmes to House

  • Royal College of Physicians of London 11 St Andrews Place Regent's Park, London NW1 4LE (map)

SBM featured presentation by Andrew Elder, Advisory Council Member

Royal College of Physicians: From Holmes to House - 500 years of the diagnostic neurologist

The conference will both look at where we have come from and where we are heading in the areas of neuroimmunology (paraneoplastic syndromes, the overlap with neuropsychiatry), neurogenetics (how this changing treatments in mitochondrial disorders and how Big Data will affect patient care) and neuroimaging (and the relationship to BioBank) as well as considering the risks in terms of over-diagnosis in neurology.

The conference is part of the RCPs 500th anniversary celebrations and takes place on the birthday of William Gowers, who many consider to be the founder of modern neurology. We look both back to the time of Gowers and forward to the era of Big Data in genetics, immunology and imaging and how these are being used in patient care with both potential benefits and risks. The conference will also look at how concepts of clinical reasoning have evolved from the time of Gowers (who knew the author Conan Coyle of Sherlock Holmes fame) to the 21st century (taking the fictional example of Dr House as our example).

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